Library Student Ambassador


The Library Student Ambassador programme aims to maximize students’ engagement with the Library’s extensive services through various activities organized for the recruited Library Student Ambassadors.

The Programme provides opportunities for students to take part in integrated and experiential learning activities. It enables students to pursue holistic personal enhancement through their involvement in Library operations and activities.

Library Student Ambassadors will learn:

  • –  Information searching and instruction skills
  • –  Communication skills (with team of Library staff as well as with Library users)
  • –  Networking skills with fellow students
  • –  Skills of bibliographic checking
  • –  Skills to make use of relevant Library facilities
  • –  Design and writing skills related to the preparation of promotional materials etc.

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I. Duties and Responsibilities of Library Student Ambassadors

  1. Provide assistance at service counters and during Library instruction activities, e.g. as a helper at service counters and be a co-trainer in library classes;
  2. Assist in the development and implementation of various library activities, e.g. Library Circle, Library Friend Fair, etc;
  3. Promote the Library to peers and encourage fellow students to make use of library services pertaining to their specific needs;
  4. Provide assistance in collection management duties, and other special Library projects.


II. Eligibility and Preferred Attributes

Full-time HSUHK students who are committed to serve in the relevant academic year are eligible for the position.
The recruited Library Student Ambassadors are expected to be courteous advocates for Library services, facilities and resources. Students who are enthusiastic about Library work, interested in learning new developments in the information world, can be good team players and willing to share knowledge with peers are welcome to join us.   At the beginning of each academic year, Library Student Ambassadors will be recruited through application and interview.   


III. Offers to Library Student Ambassadors

  1. iGPS units will be offered to the recruited Library Student Ambassadors upon successful completion of the training programmes.
  2. Certificate of Appreciation from the Library will be offered to the recruited students upon satisfactory completion of all assigned tasks and job duties in the academic year.


IV. Duration of Ambassadorship

Library Student Ambassadors will be appointed for an initial one-year term. Terms will generally begin in early August with the exact date to be determined at the beginning of each academic year.

Library Student Ambassadors with good performance will have the option to continue their position for another one-year term.


V. Contact

Interested students please contact for more information.
Last update: 11 May 2022