iMac Station and Computers

iMac Station

The iMac station is located at the DIY Corner at 2/F of the Library. Installed with video editing and design software, iMac station provides an efficient platform with Internet connection in support of study, learning and academic research. Please click here (quick guide displayed at the DIY Corner) to have a quick reference of using iMac.



There are about 120 PCs in the Library. All PCs are installed with some software, including SPSS, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc. Part of the PCs are installed with Adobe Cloud. You may use the PCs for searching library resources, accessing e-resources, surfing the Internet, and printing your materials.


You need to log in to your Windows account to use library PCs. If you encounter any difficulties, you may seek assistance from the service counters.


Ethical Use of Computers

  • Do not use the computers for distasteful, offensive, illegal, or forbidden displays, images, printouts, stored files, or data transfers.
  • Do not use the computers to break or “crack” into another computer, acquire passwords, IDs, private data, or sensitive information.
  • If you publish information and pictures obtained from the World Wide Web, please get permission from the copyright owner.
  • You are highly recommended to cite the complete source of information, pictures, etc., obtained from the World Wide Web, online databases or emails when you include these online resources in your assignments or research papers.


Last update:  10 October 2019