Information Skills Workshops

Information Skills Workshops (Semester 1, 2022-2023)

The Library organizes information skills workshops covering a variety of topics to help users to explore the use of different types of resources and sharpen information skills for academic purposes. All students and staff are welcome to attend the following workshops. Students will earn ECA Hours / iGPS unit upon completion of each of the workshops.


I. Essential Information Skills Series  – Workshops of this series introduce different information sources and Library services to participants. Attendees of workshops will be facilitated to learn basic information search concepts, make effective use of the Library catalogue (SearchPlus), as well as a number of multidisciplinary resources.

*This series is designed for users who are new to the use of information for academic purposes.

II. Topic-Focused Series – Workshop participants will have opportunities to build up information searching and management skills through the sessions to make use of a variety of resources under specific focused themes.

*This series is designed for users who wish to find useful resources of differnt topics, available from a variety of search platforms for information exploration.

III. Citation and Data Management Series – Workshops of this series introduce RefWorks, a citation management tool, and tools for data collection and visualizing.

* This series is designed for users who need to make use of citation and data management tools in their work or studies.

In addition, faculty members are welcome to request a tailor-made workshop covering different themes to help students build required information skills pertaining to the expectation of programmes.



I. Essential Information Skills Series

Title Date Time Description
Essential Information Skills for Assignment Success 13 Sep 2022 11 am – 12 pm

Through demonstrations and activities in this workshop, you will be facilitated to build up essential skills in using SearchPlus, the use of subject-related databases, and the features of Google Scholar. Skills acquired will enable you to discover various quality resources for use in their assignment topics.

Note: The workshop is recommended for students who have not enrolled in GEN1000.


II. Topic-Focused Series

Title Date Time Description
Making an Impressive Presentation 15 Sep 2022 3 – 4 pm This workshop introduces different presentation skills and tools. Participants will learn how to plan, design, and deliver effective and impressive presentations for various purposes.
Exploring Library Resources for Market Research 16 Sep 2022 3 – 4 pm This workshop will provide participants with an overview of marketing resources available in the Library. Resources introduced in the workshop can help participants to identify information for exploring topics on the business environment, consumer profiles and market trends, etc.
Finding Business Information I 19 Sep 2022 11 am – 12 pm This workshop focuses on equipping participants with skills to locate company information as well as profile and industry trends in 3 crucial library databases: Business Source Ultimate, Business Insights: Global, and Nexis Uni. Participants will learn to find business information related to various business research topics.
Finding Business Information II 21 Sep 2022 3 – 4 pm In this workshop, participants will be introduced to key business databases, such as Factiva, Passport, and CSMAR. They will learn how to effectively find business news, statistical data, and analyst reports for various business research topics.
Finding Information Resources for Hong Kong Studies 26 Sep 2022 3 – 4 pm This workshop will introduce participants to the information resources of different facets of Hong Kong, including culture and history, economic situation, legal system, and sources for locating valuable statistics and data. Participants will learn effective searching techniques to seek various resources within and beyond the Library for preparing projects and assignments that involve the use of Hong Kong information.


III. Citation and Data Management Series

Title Date Time Description
Using RefWorks to Manage Your Reference 22 Sep 2022 11 am – 12 pm

This workshop provides an overview of the web-based bibliographic management tool RefWorks. By the end of the session, participants will gain conceptual knowledge of referencing and be able to build up skills for handling citations. They will also learn practical techniques to create in-text citations and generate reference lists effectively in Microsoft Word documents.

Introduction to Data Collection 30 Sep 2022 3 – 4 pm The workshop instructor will explore basic concepts in collecting data from various sources with participants. Participants will learn helpful techniques like web scraping to collect quality data and transform them into useful formats for study and research.
Visualizing your Research Data 5 Oct 2022 3 – 4 pm Data visualization can be a powerful tool for sharing your research findings with your intended audience. Tips for building effective data visualization will be discussed in this workshop. Participants will learn in this session how to design compelling visualizations, for example, using features in Tableau to choose appropriate visual elements that could synchronize with different graph types.

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