Self-Check Machine

To enjoy circulation service with ease, users with University Identify Cards can use the Self-Check Machine to borrow and return the Library materials without queuing at the service counter.

Self-Check Machines are located at the 1/F and 2/F in the Library.

Self-Check PIN

A PIN is needed for using the Self-check machines in the Library.

– If it is your first time using the Self-check machine after Library system migration (Jul 2023), please visit any Service Counters in the Library to set a NEW PIN first.

– The PIN can be reset whenever necessary.

Reset Self-Check PIN

If you want to change the PIN, please click here.


  1. Enter HSUHK Microsoft Office 365 system’s username (
  2. Enter existing PIN.
  3. Enter new PIN.
  4. (The PIN has at least four characters and can only contain upper and lower-case letters and digits.)

  5. Enter new PIN again.
  6. Press “Update PIN” button.

University Identity Cards are non-transferable, and Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) are required for authentication. Please refer to the Library staff if you encounter any problems while using the machine.


Last update: 31 Aug 2023