Library Special Service Hours and Facilities Provision

In line with the University policy to support teaching and learning in the current phase of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the Library will resume its services with special arrangements from 16 March 2020.

In order to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus when users are making use of facilities and services in the Library, special opening time and regulated access to collections arrangements are now in place until further notice.


1. Library Opening Hours

Details of the Library reopening are as below.

  Opening Hours
G/F (partially open)

Monday to Friday: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

Note: Library opening hours are subject to change without prior notice. Please check Library Opening Hours before visiting the Library.

  1. Before entering the Library, users’ body temperature should be checked by the security guard at the security station at Block A. If users have a fever or any respiratory symptoms, they should refrain from entering the Library and seek medical consultation immediately.
  2. Users must wear surgical masks at all time inside the Library.
  3. Users are advised to keep appropriate social distance, e.g. at least 1 metre apart, from each other whenever practicable. 
  4. To reduce the risk of the spread of the coronavirus in confined places, the Library reserves the right to regulate the admission of users or deny users’ access to the Library in anticipation of crowdedness within the Library premises in a particular time session.

2. Services and Facilities

  1. Only the Exhibition Area and Computer Cluster Area at G/F are open for users. Other areas will remain closed.
  2. Public PCs, all-in-one printers, OPAC station and the charging station at the above area are available for use.
  3. Enquiry services: Assistance will be provided via Service Counter on the G/F during opening hours. Users can also make use of Live-Chat-a-Librarian service online, contact our Reference Desk at 3963-5302 or forward enquiries to Library email:

3. Collections and Handling of Library Materials

  1. Library collections on 1/F and 2/F will remain closed for access in order to reduce the risk of virus spread.
  2. During the closure of collection areas, HSUHK staff and students who need to borrow the library materials, excluding Reference Collection and Special Collections, can approach the Service Counter at G/F from 11:00am to 4:00pm (Monday to Friday).
  3. Users are required to bring their University Identity Cards for borrowing library materials. All borrowing transactions will be conducted at the Service Counter of G/F.
  4. Users should return items borrowed from the Course Reserve Collection and the Multimedia Collection at the Service Counter of G/F. Borrowed items of other collections can be returned via the book drop.
  5. Overdue fines for borrowed items incurred during the suspension of face-to-face classes will be waived until further notice.
    1. Due to the system’s constraints, users may continue to receive auto-generated circulation notices. The notices could be ignored during this period of time. Users can contact the Library if there are any questions.
    2. Users who have difficulty in returning items after the Library reopens, please contact the Library via email (

4. Library Support for Online Teaching and Learning

  1. As always, the Library provides an array of services and resources for students and faculty staff working on campus or pursuing relevant activities at home.
  2. While the partial opening of the Library premises is in force, users can also continue to make use of the Library online help channels and access e-books, e-journals, databases and learning tools via Library webpages and associated links. Please visit Support from Library for details.

The Library will monitor the situation closely and make necessary arrangements. If the situation shall improve at a later time, we will look into the possibility of resuming more services and facilities provision. Further announcement will be made in due course. Thank you for your kind understanding.


HSUHK Library

13 March, 2020


Last update: 3 April 2020