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Online Information Skills Workshops

(Issue 142/February 2020) The Library online information skills workshops are on the road. From these workshops, you will learn how to search for information, make a professional presentation, create references list, and visualize research data. The first class ran successfully yesterday with nearly a hundred students attended. Sign up here for your favourite class. iGPS […]

Zhuangzi «莊子» @Library Reading Club

(Issue 135/October 2019) Zhuangzi «莊子» is a philosophical book advocating the spirit of freedom. It tells us that ‘If we have the correct attitude towards every event that happens naturally and let it be, depression and delirium shall not invade us’. Register sessions now and get a free copy of the book. First come, first […]

Shall We Talk @ Library Circle?

(Issue 134/October 2019) We value your opinion. Please come to join Library Circle and tell us what you think about our Library services. Feel free to share your thoughts with us while enjoying light refreshments. Looking forward to seeing you. Click here to register. iGPS unit / ECA hour(s) are counted.

Cinema, Animal and Me

(Issue 133/September 2019) “We love the cat, Siu Fa (小花), in our Campus; and we hope to see Siu Fa lives happily with healthy and energetic body. However, what we cannot see is that animals are losing their lives in the Amazon Rainforest fire and the Coral Bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef. Cats and […]

Book Talk on 《情動於中 : 生死愛慾的哲學思考》 (Butterflies in the Stomach: A Philosophical Investigation of Human Emotions)

(Issue 133/September 2019) 「我的快樂不同你的快樂,你的哀愁不同我的哀愁。」 ‘My happiness is different from your happiness; your mourning is different from my mourning.’ Have you ever got the butterflies in your stomach? Any idea on what’s the relationship between Emotions and Rationality? Want to know more about the philosophy of emotions? The Library is honoured to have Dr Wong Muk […]

Exhibition of VolTrekkers Service-learning Award and Training Scheme 2018/19

(Issue 133/September 2019) With the generous support from Hong Kong Shun Lung Yan Chak Foundation Limited (香港順龍仁澤基金會), the Student Affairs Office (SAO) organized VolTrekkers Service-learning Award and Training Scheme 2018/19 (VolTrekkers) which was concluded successfully. The Library will co-organise an exhibition of VolTrekkers together with SAO. The exhibition will be showcasing the achievement of its […]

“Between the Lines” – New Blood is Needed

(Issue 132/September 2019) “Heal your wound through writing Search your soul in literary works Unlock the mysteries between the lines Harmonise the world with or without rhymes Knit together, the bad and the good times”   “Between the Lines” are looking for new blood with fresh ideas. If YOU are interested to share inspirational quotations […]

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