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(Issue 130/August 2019) Which of the Library IG photos do you like most? From now to 7 Sep 2019, come to the G/F of the Library and check out our Library IG Poll. Many new students have already given us “likes” on our best Library IG photo. Wanna know which one? Drop by the Library. […]

Summer Reading Club Recap

(Issue 130/August 2019) A big thank you to those who joined the Summer Reading Club! We were happy to see that the participants have enjoyed the reading sessions of the book 《食字餐桌》 and gave their reflections. Wanna join our Library events? Stay tuned for more news!

《食字餐桌》@ Library Summer Reading Club

(Issue 128/June 2019) Is your stomach growling? How about enjoying good food with a good book – two great tastes that taste great together. The Library will organize reading sessions of the book 《食字餐桌》for staff during this summer. Written by Dr Emily Chau from the Department of Chinese, this book will open up new discoveries […]

Congratulation to “Between the Lines”!

(Issue 124/March 2019) Congratulation to “Between the Lines”! The committee has won the “President’s Commendation Award: Arts and Culture”. The HSUHK Scholarship and Award Presentation Ceremony was held on 14 March 2019.   Thanks for all that “Between the Lines” has done. Even the mighty oak starts as a small acorn. The Library will continue […]

Talent Wanted for “Between the Lines”

(Issue 122/February 2019) “ What Lies between the lines    Rhythms and syllables    A blackboard in solitude    At your disposal “   “Between the Lines” is a working group formed by HSUHK students, teachers and librarians, which aims to develop a wholesome culture of reading and writing on our campus. Come to join us now! You […]

Reading Club in March: 《思香‧世代》

(Issue 121/February 2019) Look how fast Hong Kong is changing, how time flies. A new group of Library Reading Club is coming in March. Facilitated by Ms Catherine Chan from Department of Chinese, we will follow the footsteps of Xiaosi(小思) in 《思香‧世代》to relive the human landscape of Hong Kong in the 1960s and 70s. Xiaosi […]

Exhibition on 【博雅.恒大】毛筆揮春創作比賽得獎作品展

(Issue 121/February 2019) Chinese New Year couplets are the most common and important custom when celebrating Chinese New Year. With black characters written on red coloured strips, it expresses people’s delight in the festival and wishes for the coming new year.   【博雅.恒大】毛筆揮春創作比賽 was held by Department of Chinese. It aims to engage our University […]

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