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Book Talk on 《情動於中 : 生死愛慾的哲學思考》 (Butterflies in the Stomach: A Philosophical Investigation of Human Emotions)

(Issue 133/September 2019) 「我的快樂不同你的快樂,你的哀愁不同我的哀愁。」 ‘My happiness is different from your happiness; your mourning is different from my mourning.’ Have you ever got the butterflies in your stomach? Any idea on what’s the relationship between Emotions and Rationality? Want to know more about the philosophy of emotions? The Library is honoured to have Dr Wong Muk […]

When Augmented Reality Meets Art

(Issue 129/July 2019) We are so excited to receive the donation of the new book AR Awakening: X-Realities of Hong Kong Layering, which is edited by Prof. Desmond Hui (Department of Social Science). This book documents the exhibition of the Augmented Reality Public Art Initiative. Discover how local Hong Kong artists and foreign artists have […]

New Reading Resources on iGPS

(Issue 126/April 2019) In order to nurture students to possess desired graduate attributes of iGPS (Intellectual Competence, Generic Skills, Personal Development and Social Engagement), the Library has recently acquired some new reading materials with subject coverage on independent thinking, innovative minds, language training, human caring and social responsibilities, etc. You may explore more by clicking […]

Well Received your Recommendations

(Issue 124/March 2019) The Library Recommendation Week was successfully held on 18-22 March. Thank you for your support and the recommendations have been made for enriching the Library collection. We promise to follow-up with all these good reads immediately. Let’s stay tune with our New Addition List to find out your favorite books.

Chronicle Productivity Guides

(Issue 122/February 2019) The role of higher education is shifting in today’s world which brings a particular resonance to academe. A vital source for inspiring academic success becomes essential that a 4-volume set of ‘The Chronicle Productivity Guides’ is acquired. This volume set touches on four main aspects: • Writing & Publishing • Service & […]

New Books from the Chronicle of Higher Education

(Issue 121/February 2019) Today we are witnessing a shifting paradigm of higher education. The Library acquired an insightful collection from the Chronicle of Higher Education to prepare the need for perspective, knowledge and wisdom about this shifting academe. These new additions cover different aspects of colleges and universities, presenting with case studies, research results and […]

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