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Nostalgic Travel in Hong Kong

(Issue 168/July 2021)

Difficult to travel abroad in recent years? Why not take this time to discover the local heritage in the city.

From now till the end of August, Good Read Corner@Library features literary works about places with cultural and historical implications, e.g. old housing estates, factory buildings etc. Explore a different Hong Kong by following the steps of photographers and historians.

Come pick a good read to start time travel and find out the beauty of Hong Kong!

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Library Recommendation Week

(Issue 161/February 2021)

Need more books for your study?

If you find our Library collection doesn’t have what you need, don’t worry. You are most welcome to submit your request during the Library Recommendation Week (8-12 March 2021).

We care about your recommendation. The more books you suggest, the more extensive our collection will be!

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Enjoy the Holiday Break with Some Good Reads

(Issue 160/February 2021)

A holiday is here, and so are some good reads. Chock-full of great health, dieting and fitness reads would let you dive into the long weekend. No matter if you want to have inspiration on living styles, information on health and self-management, or just to read recent bestsellers, these books have you covered.

Feed your soul with spiritual food and find the joy of reading. Check out more e-books from the Library via iRead and EBSCOhost.

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悅讀經典@Good Read Corner

(Issue 156/November 2020)

The chosen theme of Good Read Corner (by the Department of Chinese) for November and December is ‘Classic Readings’. Titles selected are Chinese classics literature guidebooks of many famous classics enjoyed by readers throughout the centuries.

Come pick up a title from the list and immerse yourself in reflecting the various passages.

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Newly Added Art and Design Books

(Issue 150/August 2020)

Thousands of books on a variety of art and design subjects from the Library of Savannah College of Art and Design (Hong Kong) have arrived our Library. Library staff have started to process the titles since the beginning of last month, most of the items will be available on shelves for borrowing soon.

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Know More about Your Mother Tongue

(Issue 149/July 2020)

Cantonese is a language with a long history. It is widely used by people in Hong Kong, Macao, the Guangdong Province, as well as parts of Guangxi and Hainan.

However, as time goes by, many phrases that were once popular have gradually become unknown to young people. Various interesting stories behind different expressions are rather difficult to trace nowadays.

If you are interested in this topic, come check out the selected titles under our current theme ‘Cantonese Study’ of the Good Read Corner.

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Taiwan Hsiang-t’u Literature (台灣鄉土文學)

(Issue 143/March 2020)

One of the best ways to learn about other cultures is through books – to know some of the history and traditions of the place.

If literature indeed mirrors the story of a generation, the Taiwan Hsiang-t’u Literature has very much reflected the lives of ordinary Taiwanese people in 1950-1960s. This genre is the current theme of Good Read Corner until the end of April.

Enjoy your reading.

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