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Actualizing Your Ideas at the Media Creative Space@HSUHK Library

(Issue 170/September 2021)

The Media Creative Space is ready for use!

Located on the 2/F of the Library, this innovative hub contains a Group Viewing Room (with media production setup), and a Video Editing Area. Students are welcome to make use of the space and equipment to create media objects for their project and assignment needs.

You can borrow the video camera and accessories, like tripod and lights at the service counter and use them in the Room. Editing of video footages can be done at the PCs in the Video Editing Area.

Just drop by the Media Creative Space and swing your digital creativity!

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Inspiring Women Writers in Hong Kong

(Issue 167/June 2021)

Literary works of five renowned local women writers (小思、亦舒、李碧華、胡燕青和張小嫻) are being featured at the Good Read Corner until the end of June under the theme of ‘Introduction of Women Writers in Hong Kong’.

The selected titles, in the form of prose or fiction, depict Hong Kong culture of different generations. Through the writers’ expressive writings, you may find inspirations from the stories within their works. Come pick a good read to start your self-discovery journey now.

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Ask a Librarian, Get an ‘A’ on Assignment

(Issue 165/April 2021)

Grade ‘A’ assignment counts on in-depth analysis with massive evidence to support your arguments. How to search smart to get your required information from the sea of knowledge?

Our Librarians are standing-by to guide you to develop searching strategies with useful research tools. Just text us through the Live-chat-a-Librarian service, call us at 3963-5302, meet us at the Reference Desk on G/F during service hours or schedule an appointment with us now.

We support you anytime, anywhere!

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The G/F of the Library Opens 24 Hours During Exam Period

(Issue 156/November 2020)

Need a quiet place to study during the examination period? Come to the Library.

Starting from now till 23 December 2020, the whole G/F of the Library is opened 24 hours for your late night study. Please bring along your student ID card for admission. Note that users have to comply with the guidelines when using facilities of this area. For details, please visit the Library webpage.

Space for All@HSUHK Library for 24 Hours Opening

(Issue 151/September 2020)

To support needs of the University community, the “Space for All@HSUHK Library” (the Space4All) on the G/F of the Library is designated for 24 hours opening starting this semester. Students can make good use of it for their late night study. To access the Area, please bring along with your valid student ID card and enter from outside the Library premises via the side door when the G/F of the Library is closed.

During normal opening hours, you can access the Area via the G/F entrance of the Library to use facilities for collaborative learning and knowledge sharing activities. More details are available here.

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BookCrossing@HSUHK – Read It. Like It. Pass It On.

(Issue 148/June 2020)

BookCrossing is a way to share your pre-loved books with someone else. You may donate a book that you have read so that someone can share what you have enjoyed. Meanwhile, you can pick up copies from the BookCrossing points on campus and be the new host of the books.

Start the summer by reading a good book. Check out the BookCrossing points near you now!

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