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Goodbye Library News

(Issue 192/November 2022)

This is the final issue of Library news. But it is not the end of the Library’s channel of sharing updates in our services. We will stay connected with you more directly so that you can find the latest Library announcements and details of Library events on the Library webpage.

All posts of Library news will remain here for you to relive every single moment with the Library. Stay tuned to the Library webpage for future updates!

HSUHK publications on G/F Library

(Issue 189/September 2022)

Have you noticed that S H Ho Academic Building and the Library were open on the same day, 17 September 2012?

On the Library’s 10th anniversary of moving to its current location, discover the university’s history in HSUHK publications on G/F of the Library!

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Message to Graduates

(Issue 188/August 2022)

Congratulations to AY2021-22 graduates! It is a moment of extraordinary accomplishment, and we missed your visit to the Library space for study, exploration, and connecting with others.

To support the Library as a knowledge hub, please return all loans according to their due dates.

Remember to settle outstanding fines on or before 31 August 2022. For further enquiries, please get in touch with us at 3963-5310 or by emailing us.

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Library 1-2-3, People Mountain People Sea

(Issue 174/November 2021)

With your great support, the Library Friend Fair 2021 was held successfully.

We are so excited to meet with more than hundred students at the event. Your stunning ideas and creative thoughts help us think out of the box to shape the Library into a better place. Thank you for joining the event. Having you there made our day!

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