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Apabi – 中华数字书苑 Apabi - China Digital Library Search guide in PDF format Mobile device guide Permitted Use

Apabi - China Digital Library is a Chinese multidisciplinary e-books collection covering a variety of subjects, including business, management, economics, history, literature and politics. It includes encyclopedias, government reports and Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionaries on many subjects.

Udn讀書館 Udn Library Search guide in HTML format Permitted Use

It is an eBook platform that provides full-text access to Chinese eBooks published in Taiwan with subjects covering Chinese language & literature, history of China, social science, business and more.

中國經濟社會大數據研究平台 China Statistical Yearbooks Database (CNKI) Search guide in PDF format

(Former title : 中國統計年鍳數據庫 China Statistical Yearbooks Database) It is a large-scale database integrating statistical resources, data analysis, multi-dimensional statistical indicators, quick retrieval and research support.

中文集献 Chinamaxx digital libraries Search guide in HTML format Permitted Use

Chinamaxx digital libraries house a large collection of digitized Chinese publications since 1949. Currently, the Library has access to more than 130,000 ebooks in two main collections, Language and Linguistics, and Literature.

全球學術快報 CNKI EXPRESS 2.0

This platform covers products of journals, theses, proceedings, newspapers, yearbooks, patents, standards, achievements, books, ancient books, monographic serials, and featured journals.

北大法律信息網 PKULAW Search guide in PDF format

This database is the English version of 北大法寶. It provides access to English language versions of the PRC legal documents and relevant legal information. It includes Laws & Regulations and Cases in full-text and the table of content of Legal News, Legal Forum, and Gazettes.

國泰安數據服務 CSMAR Solution

CSMAR Solution research database provides data on the China stock markets and the financial statements of China's listed companies.

學術期刊庫 Academic Journal Database (CNKI) Search guide in HTML format

(Former title : 中國期刊全文數據庫 China Journal Full-text Database & 世紀期刋 Century Journals Project) Academic Journal Database (CNKI) provides access to over 8,720 journals published in China. Library has Series F : Literature/History/Philosophy (1915+), Series G : Politics/Military Affairs/Law (1994+), Series H : Education/Social Sciences (1915+), Series I : Electronics/Information Sciences (1994+), Series J : Economics (1994+).

慧科新聞 WiseNews / Wise Search Search guide in PDF format Search guide in PDF format

WiseNews database provides full-text electronic newspaper clippings of Chinese and English newspapers Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Macau and other countries.

華藝線上圖書館 Airiti Library Search guide in PowerPoint format

Airiti Library is a search platform, combining the academic resources of both Taiwan and Mainland China, features full-text scholarly contents covering academic journals, dissertations, and conference proceedings.

華藝電子書 iRead eBook Search guide in PowerPoint format Permitted Use

iRead eBook provides access to over 5,600 Traditional-Chinese ebooks covering subjects such as Business, Management, Finance, Literature and Fiction, Design and Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Language, Science, Social Sciences, Computers, etc.

萬方數據 Wanfang Data Search guide in PDF format

Provides access of more than 3,000 academic journals published in China covering the subject areas of Arts, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Economics and Finance, Education, Literature, etc.

萬方視頻 Wanfang Video Search guide in PDF format

The resource provides access to over 140 academic videos in Chinese language which are offered by Phoenix TV (鳳凰衛視) from the series “世紀大講堂”, covering a wide range of subjects including economics, management, history, literature, humanities and social sciences.
Currently Library has purchased the series of “開卷八分鐘”, it contains over 500 videos of book review television programs of Phoenix TV (鳳凰衛視). Academics such as Mr. Liang Wendao (梁文道) introduce books in 8-minute programs.